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"I have 2 online businesses, on both I posted your book, It's Monday Only in Your Mind as reading material for 2015. Your written experience has influenced me more than any book I have read, what my M.A. in psych has taught me, 16 years of on/off therapy, Byron Katie workshops, personal interaction with Phil Lombardo, Shakit Gawin, Bob Stahl, Louise Hays and various Hay House authors that I personally know who have directed me towards my true being of love. There hasn't been a need to see my therapist for 6 weeks. I am looking forward to a new relationship with him and with myself. Thank you so much for discovering the truth and sharing it with the world. Without meeting you, I believe you are my friend."

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"The only way one's life will ever change is when the conditioning that makes it so changes."

- Michael Cupo



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12 Steps to Freedom

Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts "The Buddha"


Daily Message:

The conventional way of the world is to cope with suffering by suffering. This is the programmed delusion in place that keeps one suffering by attaching to the belief that suffering must cause more suffering.

Once the mind settles it remains in motion with the moment, but it’s unmoving in the sense as though it’s a buoy in the ocean, it’s in constant motion but yet unmoving.

Truth makes a person look at themselves and all sorts of things arise when this happens. Because of this one’s mind becomes restless and a lie is created to avoid the truth.

Abundance is a state of Being. You can have it all, but yet have nothing. You can have nothing, but yet have it all. Life revolves around the things that one clings to.

The more you try to control something the more that thing will control you. It’s not the thing itself that’s controlling, it’s the focus of I to control that causes one to be controlled.

At times it may seem as though love is absent in the world because love doesn’t always provide instantaneous results, but imagine if the world was truly loveless what it would really be like.

Addiction: Getting to the Root: If you don’t get to the entire root of a weed, the weed will keep coming back. The only reason this is an issue is because it will not allow the beauty of the flowers to flourish. This is a link to an article I wrote for Addicted Minds titled Addiction: Getting to the Root Addiction Root